Roof Ventilation Installation Winnipeg, MB

Roof Ventilation/Whirlybirds Installation Winnipeg 

Ventilation is the process of reducing temperatures by replacing trapped hot air with cooler air from the outside. Roof Space temperatures during summer can reach in excess of 60°C and, during the colder months, moisture from bathrooms and kitchens can build-up in roof space to form up to 12 liters of moisture. By removing the heat in summer and moisture in winter, you are promoting a healthier, happier living environment.

Roof ventilation is a great way to reduce the heat in your home during the summer months and removes moisture during the winter months, which is a main cause of mold.

Roof Ventilators, also known as whirlybirds, are wind driven turbines or impellers designed to extract the warm moist air that accumulates in the roof space between the underside of the roofing membrane and your homes ceiling.

We have seen so many home with these roof ventilators installed but it seems no one bothers to tell the homeowner that the installation of vents to the soffits of their homes will make the roof ventilators work more effectively.


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    Why Does Your Roof Space Get So Hot And Humid?

    The air in your roof space is a build up of not just the natural ventilation occurring throughout your home but also air extracted from your bathroom, shower and kitchen – especially range hoods or extractor fans over your cooker.

    At Roofers Winnipeg, we use a variety of highly efficient roof ventilation fans and ‘whirlybirds’ to extract the hot or moisture rich air from your roof space and create natural ventilation throughout your property and there are significant advantages in doing this.

    Hot, humid air in your roof space provides the perfect environment for mold as previously stated so removing this has measurable health benefits. Additionally, it can cause damage to the structure of your home by speeding up decay of the building materials. Both timber and metals are susceptible to decay or corrosion from this type of environment and adequate roof ventilation will help protect the longevity of your home, meaning you save money on expensive repairs later on down the line.

    Why Roof Ventilation?

    Benefits Of Roof Ventilation In Summer

    During the summer good roof ventilation keeps your roof space cool, which means less requirement for air conditioning, you have a naturally cooler house and your electricity is much less.


    Benefits Of Roof Ventilation In Winter

    You remove all the moisture from your roof space. This means you remove the conditions necessary for dangerous mould to form, as well as protecting the materials your home is constructed from.

    Cost Effective

    Spend less on energy. Ventilation reduces the workload on air conditioners in summer by keeping your house cooler and reduces damp air in winter reducing loss in insulation effectiveness.

    Improved Air Quality

    Effective roof ventilation removes heat and moisture from your roof space, promotes outside air flow, reducing chances of mould and mildew growing within the roof space that can lead to wood rot and contribute to health allergies.

    Improved Comfort

    An energy efficient home with air quality provides occupants a healthy and comfortable living environment.

    At Roofers Winnipeg we only use quality ventilation products that are individually specified for your roof and living or working environment.

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