Gutter Cleaning Winnipeg

Winnipeg Gutter Cleaning

During storm season in Winnipeg, clogged gutters are one of the most common cause of property damage! Having clear gutters helps reduce the risk of fire, extends the lifespan of the gutters and makes the place look tidy.

How Frequently Do My Gutters Need Cleaning?

Generally speaking, we recommend your gutters are cleaned on a 6 to 12 month basis. This is particularly important prior to storm season and even more important if you are living in a high density tree area. Further, this ensures that gutter cleans and repairs are fixed in a timely manner, as well as preventing premature rusting, which leads to deterioration.

“Out of sight out of mind” comes into play very often with gutters. From the ground, they look absolutely fine, until a leak occurs. When our team get up to clean the gutters, it’s quite often a different story. We’ve found small (and big) plants, trees and cacti have rooted themselves in the gutters, leading the gutters to be replaced. In addition, we’ve found dead possums, birds’ nests, not to mention the bugs and cockroaches that just love to live in your leaf litter.


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    Why Get A Professional Company In To Clean Your Gutters?

    Not only is it hard work, but working at heights comes with risks. Consequently, the injuries from falling from a ladder can be serious or fatal. Importantly, our team are insured, experienced and trained in working at heights.

    Whilst we’re cleaning the gutters, we’ll take a look at the overall condition of the roof and fix any minor issues whilst we’re up there. In addition, we’ll provide a roof and gutter report at the end of the job. The report will include photos to advise you of any maintenance and repair requirements that may need to be carried out.

    How Do We Clean The Gutters?

    Roofers Winnipeg take great care and pride in their work to ensure a thorough job. Cleaning the gutters and downpipes by hand ensures minimal damage and we can also spot if there are any areas which need repairing. Depending on the job and location of the debris, we may use a blower to remove leaves and debris from a roof or downpipes. To conclude, our Tradesmen take the rubbish away at the end of the job and we will where possible leave your place mess free.

    Fascia Painting & Renewal

    Here at Roofers Winnipeg as part of our process we fill any holes in the fascia’s making sure your support structure is sound for your new guttering. We even paint your fascia to complete a full gutter restoration and bring a new and fresh look to your property. If you are going to get your guttering done, don’t get some fly by night company stick with the industry best and make sure you are protecting your homes foundations.

    We have built our reputation on excellent customer service and the expertise we have gained over forty years. If you would like an estimate or an evaluation of your gutter repair project in Winnipeg, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss custom options and solutions.

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