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Roofers Winnipeg is affordable and professional roofing company in Winnipeg, MB.

With over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry, here we provide the most reliable & affordable roofing services. By working with our clients and helping them to identify their roof problems and finding the best solution, we expertise in producing high-quality, most affordable, reliable and long-term roofing solution in Winnipeg.

If you’re looking for a roofer in Winnipeg who can tackle all your roof problems out, you are at the right place. We are one of the most experienced Winnipeg roofing companies provide high-quality solutions at cost-effective prices. We have been serving with reliable services for a very long time (since we started) and since then we have highly focused on and been providing our customers with a service which satisfies them. Regardless of what you want to have done to your roof, you can bet that at Roofers Winnipeg we can do it much better and cost-effectively.

What differs us amongst our competition is that when you contact us, you will be dealing directly with the our professional roofers of Winnipeg, MB who will look around properly and will take the time to understand your needs and give expert advice from very first call. Dealing directly with our roofing contractors allows you to discuss about all the stuffs about your job specifically with us. Means we estimate significantly reduced price for you because we do not carry the excessive overhead costs of running sales and customer service departments which are typically passed on to you as the customer. Therefore, we provide the most competitive prices when it comes to a roofing service without the need to sacrifice on the quality.

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional, affordable and friendly roofing company, then you’re at right place. We will be happy to visit your property and evaluate your options – no obligation! As a team of qualified and experienced roofers working on metal, slate and tiled roofs throughout Winnipeg, we provide a wide range of roofing options that you can count on. At Roofers Winnipeg, we take pride in our ability to tailor each service to the individual client from roof restoration, roof painting, roof repairs, roof cleaning, metal roofing, leaking roof, re roofing and even roof maintenance, we come up with the perfect solution for your needs.

No matter how big or small the job is, our qualified professional roofers will deliver reliable solutions in an efficient and effective manner. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and our ability to provide affordable and professional roofing service in Winnipeg to our valued customers. With experienced and a great team of knowledgeable tradesman we can deliver your project on time and on budget. If you’re looking for a quote on a roofing service or just have some questions about it, contact us today.


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    We offer a wide range of residential, commercial & industrial roofing services.

    If you’re building a house or renovating and need new roof installation service in Winnipeg for your home, then Roofers Winnipeg is the company to call. Our professional team can provide all the products and services you need for your new roof, so whether it’s for repairs or replacement, we can help. We supply durable roofing that will last for years to come, with free quotes for all our customers and extremely competitive prices.

    When you work with our roofers you’re getting the help of the experts that are dedicated to your satisfaction. Means that from beginning to completion of work, you’ll have the comprehensive assistance and attention-to-detail that you require for the perfect solution to your roofing needs.

    A damaged roof looks more of a pain than a dangerous problem, however, if roof leaks left un-repaired can cause major problems. While discovering you have a damaged roof is very easy with obvious signs like stains on the ceiling and wet patches on the floor. This makes livable palace unlivable. First, it may not seem like a major issue to consider quickly but they become a huge problem when the weather turns fierce. When wind and rain start thrashing your roofs tiles, it get loosened, allow rain to seep through the gaps. If this occurs and not repaired in time, you risk thousands of dollars damage to your house and property.

    Roofers Winnipeg has serviced many houses with a leaking roof and water pooling, and we know how frustrating it can be. A leaking roof doesn’t just affect your roof and your ceiling, it can impact the whole structural integrity of your house. A lot of property owners don’t realize this, but by the time water is dripping through your ceiling, your leak has probably been in existence for several months.

    Contact us if you are looking for the free estimate for roof repair in Winnipeg.

    Are you experiencing any problems with your roof? or it is too old that it needs to be replaced with new roof? If you are experiencing these on your roof, then you may be searching best roof replacement service in Winnipeg. Roofers Winnipeg provides roofing services including roof replacement.

    At Roofers Winnipeg, our professional roofing team understands how critical it is for Winnipeg area businesses to receive fast, quality service for a commercial roof replacement service. This kind of service is not good to your business operations in some instances, and you can rely on our roofers to work diligently until all aspects of the replacement project are complete. We will always treat your property with respect, and we go the extra mile to clean up our work area after the project is completed before we leave. A commercial roof replacement is an excellent way to improve the overall condition of your business property and to promote its overall great condition in the years to come.

    Not all the roofs are created equal. Low-quality tiles eventually fade and wear until they start letting in wind and water. They may crack or become loose, causing serious problems to your property. Fortunately, our reliable roof restoration service can reinvigorate your old and damaged roof in no time. Our roof restoration service is an ideal choice for homeowners with damaged roofs, who do not have the budget to invest in installing new roof or re-roofing. We do not remove the whole roof, only the damaged parts are repaired. So, if it’s just a localized repair that you need, the team at Roofers Winnipeg can provide a cost-effective roof restoration service in Winnipeg.

    If your roof is severely damaged, it might not be easy or possible to partially repair and restore it. You may need complete re-roofing service for long term than repairing it. Though this is a more costly, timely and extensive project, it is the best investment for the future of your home. This involves removing the old and damaged roof entirely and installing new roof. Re-roofing is very delicate process and must be done very carefully, so as not to disturb the existing plaster, ceilings, or external features. If you are thinking whether or not your property requires re-roofing services, contact our team at Roofers Winnipeg today for free on-site assessment for re-roofing in Winnipeg.

    Roof cleaning is a great, affordable way to restore pride to your weary looking home. Over time, your roof can become covered in lichen, moss, algae, and dirt leaving your home looking sad and untidy. It may also conceal broken, leaking tiles damaging the structure of your home.

    With Roofers Winnipeg’s professional roof cleaning service, you can prolong the lifespan of your roof. We specialize in roof cleaning and our expert team will pressure wash your roof to remove dirt, debris, moss, and lichen. For cement or terracotta tiles we are also able to apply a sterilizer and fungicide to inhibit future growth of moss and lichen. A dirty roof doesn’t only look ugly – it deteriorates the condition of your tiles, leading to costly future repairs and replacements. You may be surprised how well a good high-pressure cleaning can breathe new life into your roof.

    Contact us if you are looking for roof cleaning service in Winnipeg.

    Has your rooftop faded over the years, or been affected by severe weather? Your roof does lots of things for you and your things like it saves you from harsh weather. So, isn’t it the time you should too take care of it? Or make it look like new. Here at Roofers Winnipeg, we can give your roof a brand-new look with our professional roof painting. Roof painting not only gets your roof looking brand new again, but is an affordable way to breathe new life into your home and give a new look. Over time weather takes a toll on the roof and it starts to look dull. Only roof painting will do the job while reinforcing the necessary protection.

    When looking for the best roof painting has to offer, you need to look for experience and professionalism. With years of experience, excellent training with passionate and professional staff, it’s clear to see why Roofers Winnipeg are the best option for you. It is surprising how much our professional roof painting job can improve the overall look of your property, with the process working out considerably cheaper than a full roof restoration. Contact us for free quote on roof painting in Winnipeg.


    Winters are quite harsh, so you may be in need of professionals new gutter installation service. We are experienced and professional Winnipeg roofers who understand the needs of local building owners. The location of the city to the lake can lead to a problem called lake effect snow, which refers to the snow that blows across the city. There is also a risk of the freeze and thaw cycle causing ice dams that stick to those gutters. Whether you own a commercial building or a residential home, we can install new gutters on that structure and make all the other roofing repairs that you need too.

    Contact us if you are looking for gutter installation in Winnipeg.

    We offer a comprehensive range of gutter repair in Winnipeg. With extensive knowledge and experience, we have what it takes to bring your gutters back to their best. We can repair your gutter if it has sustained damage as a result of storms, hail, accidental damage and even vandalism. There’s almost no gutter repair that is too big or small for us. We even have experience repairing gutters that have been hit by trucks or caravans! Our team can work around your existing guttering and provide targeted repairs for the damaged sections. We have a wide range of profiles on offer, which means that we can always match your gutter’s profile with our repairs. Our industry connections allow us to provide the best materials for all repairs.

    Here at Roofers Winnipeg, we offer every types of eavestroughs installation in Winnipeg with wide selection of colours. We use only the best and high quality materials sourced from trusted manufacturer/suppliers and all of our corners are hand-mitred. Seamless eavestroughs ensure that there are no seams in the middle of the eaves that may eventually leak. For the corners, we believe that hand-mitred lasts longer and looks better than the more common box or strip options.

    When you contact us for your project, we will come inspect your current eaves, soffit and fascia to determine if repair or replacement is required. For new homes, we will do the full installation of soffit, fascia and eavestrough.

    When you need siding for your home, if you’re like most people, your thoughts don’t immediately jump to roofing contractors for service and, frankly, that’s unfortunate because Roofers Winnipeg is the premier siding contractor in Winnipeg. No matter where you are in the Winnipeg, our experienced, professional siding team will come to you and answer all of your questions about materials, costs, and timetables. We’ll give you recommendations based on what we find and always stand behind our work 100%. If you’re unsure about your next steps, or even what product or material to use vinyl, cement, wood, aluminum, and on and on then call us before you make any decision. We’ll make sure it’s an educated one.

    You can have a non-ventilated or ventilated Soffit for cooling in a non-livable attic space. This will give your home a fresh positive airflow especially if you receive aluminum Soffit, which has the benefit of being resilient against those cold and Canadian harsh winters.

    Fascia is wood, polyvinyl chloride or aluminum siding that appears on the side of the roof connecting the Soffit to the exterior of the wall. It is part of that creates a barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof, providing protection to your home. Fascia is typically installed beneath the roofline and the gutters. Just like the roof, strong Fascia is an important part of any modern home. It is important to know that if your home has old style wooden Soffit and fascia, that it is recommended that you replace it with Soffit and clad Fascia which will increase air ventilation and also decrease your need for maintenance. You will no longer have to paint, this will greatly increase the life of your roof.

    Roofing becomes hazardous during cold weather as ice forms and is hidden by snowfall. It’s a recipe for disaster if you’re not experienced and using the proper tools and techniques.

    At Roofers Winnipeg, we recommend rooftop snow removal be left to experts like ourselves. We have the training, the licensing, the bonding, and the insurance coverage to protect you, your property, and ourselves from harm. An accident or additional damages caused by attempting to do-it-yourself can lead to legal and financial liability – not to mention complete voiding of warranties. It’s easier, more cost-effective, and just plain safer to use a professional, reputable service like Roofers Winnipeg for all of your snow removal needs.

    Contact us now for roof snow removal in Winnipeg.


    Looking for an asphalt shingles roofing contractor in Winnipeg, MB?

    Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular and widely used roofing materials for roof coverings in Winnipeg houses. Asphalt shingles are used mostly on residential shingle roofs or also referred to as steep slope roofs. The asphalt shingle has advanced since its creation to its current day types, styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. The positive aspects of asphalt shingles include low installation and maintenance costs. The type of shingles you choose is a personal preference. Roofs shingles come in different grades. The better the grade, the longer the life expectancy, which can range from 25 up to 50 years.

    Here at Roofers Winnipeg, we provide asphalt shingles and roofing solutions for homes and businesses. We are the Winnipeg roofing contractor with the most experience in installing asphalt shingles. To ensure your building is fully protected from the elements, our asphalt shingles are of the highest quality and have many attributes that make them a great addition to any building. Our expert and certified crews are happy to meet with you and discuss if asphalt shingles are right for your home or business.

    Looking for a flat roofing contractor in Winnipeg, MB?

    Installing Flat roofs is simple solution for residential and commercial house owners either for installation or for replacement or repair, but can actually get more variable than most people think. Its benefit is that its design can be modified to meet your needs, tastes and budget. Flat roofs is now a common for many new and old residential and commercial properties. The benefits are vast, such as adding another level to your property, simpler maintenance, easier installations and many more.

    Here at Roofers Winnipeg, each and every member of our team is trained to expert level at Flat Roofing. We highly pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and always make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. Our highly trained roofers specialize in flat roofing of all types for commercial and residential projects. If you believe that you may require a flat roofing service, get a quote for free from us today. Our friendly team will be at hand to suggest the best service for your specific needs.


    Flat Roof Repair & Maintenance

    Whether you have a traditional tarred or EPDM rubberized roof, weather-induced flat roof leaks can cause ongoing structural problems and costly damage if they’re not addressed quickly.

    Is your flat roof looking dilapidated and suffering from storm damage? Concerned that your flat roof may not be structurally sound for load-bearing? Flat roof repair will address all your concerns, offering expedient and affordable solutions to all your roof repair needs. Want your flat roof checked for faults or nee flashing repaired and not sure where to start? We can help you find the best flat roof repair services at the lowest prices.

    Roofers Winnipeg is premier full-service Residential and Commercial roofing company, specializing in high-quality flat roof installation, repairs and replacement for a wide range of flat roof systems. We have 15 years of experience repairing all types of flat roofs, including TPO, PVC, EPDM, modified bitumen, metal, spray foam, and more!


    Flat Roof Replacement

    Flat roofs in the past were made with multiple layers tar and felt and finally topped with gravel to protect the roof and assist in drainage. These roofs tend to last 10-30 years.

    If the time to replace your home’s and commercial building’s flat roof is drawing near, you need a reliable roofing contractor you can trust to evaluate and replace your old roof. Roofers Winnipeg is the premier Residential and commercial roofing contractor for Winnipeg, MB, and the surrounding areas including CrescentwoodRiver HeightsLinden WoodsRoyal WoodWhyte Ridge etc. specializing in flat roof replacement.

    Looking for a tile roofing contractor in Winnipeg, MB?

    Tile roof is generally made of either concrete, or terracotta (a kind of clay) offers a number of advantages in protecting your home and maintaining its beauty. The Roofing systems combine superior durability, strength, and longevity. Their density and mass also help provide soundproofing, superior thermal insulation, and protection against radiant heat in a bushfire.

    Like any other material, however, tile also has its drawbacks. Its weight, which affords many advantages, can also mean you’ll need additional reinforcement to support it. While strong enough to hold their own against the elements, they are fragile if walked upon when any kind of roof work is required. Should breakage occur, though, tile roofing has the advantage of allowing you to replace any broken pieces easily without having to repair entire sections of roof.


    Tile Roof Installation

    Roofers Winnipeg is expert tile roof installation company, having been providing tile roof restorationsroof tile repairs, and roof tile replacement for over 15 years. Our team is all qualified roof tilers, and we only use products developed especially for the Winnipeg climate.

    How many times have you been quoted for a job, only to find extra charges on top, or problems you were never told about before the job started? You will never experience this with Roofers Winnipeg. Our quotes are all-inclusive with no hidden costs and a full 10 year warranty!


     Tile Roof Repair

    Regardless of which way you look at it, your roof is vital to the overall appearance and integrity of your home. If it is leaking or compromised in any way, it can lead to expensive replacement or repairs down the line. This is why it’s important to ensure your roof is always in a good condition and in a state of good repair. We are experts at restoring roof tiles and provide replacement services, and you can rest assured that the feature will add to the aesthetics and value of your property.

    Roofing is pretty crucial to the integrity and overall look of your home. If it is compromised and is leaking it can lead to costly repairs or replacement down the track. A newly renovated roof can also add value to your property. But a roof installation or replacement represents a considerable investment and we are a company that recognizes this fact. It’s why we offer extremely cost-effective services.


     Tile Roof Replacement

    Roofers Winnipeg can replace any type of tile roof such as but not limited to Concrete Tile Roof and Terracotta Tile Roof. We are specialists in all types of structures whether they be a residential home, or building, high rise, industrial or commercial building.

    We advise on the best profile suitable for the pitch and also take into consideration any visual or heritage considerations of the building structure for that advice. We can replace the old roof using either Colorbond or other best roofs available in market.

    Also we supply and install the new roof to the highest standard which can include installation of new metal battens to insure that the roof cladding has the correct batten support. Tie downs provided to the entire roof structure to insure modern tie down standards. All flashings and capping scribed and finished to insure a professional, weather proof and vermin resistant roof cladding system.

    For over years, Roofers Winnipeg has been delivering high-quality metal roofing services in Winnipeg, MB. Our expert work can be seen on houses, townhouses, unit blocks, apartment buildings and commercial premises across Winnipeg and nearer areas. The qualified and experienced team at Roofers Winnipeg make getting a replacement or a brand-new metal roof an enjoyable and stress-free process, with our combination of product knowledge, technical expertise, and good old-fashioned customer service.

    We specialize in metal roofing installationrepair and replacement. We are able to replace old roof materials with new metal tile roofing in Winnipeg houses. As experienced professionals, we know how important it is to invest in quality. We use only the best-proven sheets and components on every new metal roofing installation. As experienced professionals, we know how important it is to invest in quality. We use only the most trusted brands and products with our metal roofing to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home is not compromised by poor materials.

    Metal Roof Installation

    Metal roofs look fantastic, they’re durable and they’re cost effective. With the right metal roofing on your home, you’ll also get the benefits of comfort and better energy efficiency. If you’ve been looking for the best metal roof installation company in Winnipeg, look no further than Roofers Winnipeg. We specialize in providing great metal roofing solutions across Winnipeg & near cities like River HeightsWhyte RidgeLinden WoodsRoyal WoodCrescentwood, etc.

    When it comes to our home or property, there should be no space left for mistakes. After all, it is where we spend our most precious and memorable moments. It’s only natural that we want to feel best in our home.

    In order for it to be our safe haven, we need to make sure that it’s solid and safe at all times. And what’s more important than a long-lasting and energy-saving metal roof?

    Metal Roof Repair

    Looking for a professional metal roof repair contractor in Winnipeg, MB?

    A roof can need to be repaired for a range of different reasons. Storms that bring strong wind and hail can damage a roof. Fallen trees and branches can cause problems. Older roofs can develop leaks after having been exposed to the elements for many years. Regardless of your reason or the size of the repair, you can call on Roofers Winnipeg knowing your roof repair will be done right the first time.

    When you are dealing with roofing damages, it can feel like you have a long road ahead to get it fixed up. Finding a company that will do metal roofing repairs and restoration involves careful research on their processes and procedures, and we are confident that you can count on us.

    Metal Roof Replacement

    At Roofers Winnipeg, you can transform or upgrade your old or damaged roof with a metal roof replacement in Winnipeg and area.

    Roofers Winnipeg services are professionals when it comes to replacing metal roofs in homes throughout the Winnipeg area. Our tradesmen will replace the old metal roof on your home, patio with quality roofing options. Our specialists have worked with every roof style and size, so when it comes to metal roof replacement, you can be reassured that we are reliable and efficient.

    Sheet metal roofing comes in a wide variety of fashionable colors that are designed to complement most home styles. Metal roofing is a strong, secure, stylish and affordable alternative when re roofing your home. It can be used for restoring heritage, traditional or modern homes.

    Looking for a slate roofing contractor in Winnipeg, MB?

    Slate roofing is considered be one of the superior roofing material. Thanks to its durability, good looks, and distinct character. While slate has been traditionally a classic roofing material, natural slate and cement tiles have seen a recent resurgence in popularity and remain one of most desired roofing materials.

    Slate roofing has many advantages that go past just great looks. Because of its high quality, it has a long lifespan and has been known to last for more than a century. It is able to be re-nailed at different stages of its life to prolong its lifespan and slate is also able to be repaired quite easily by experts in this specialized field.

    Looking for a low slope roofing contractor in Winnipeg?

    Low-slope roofs are best for some of new and modern house designs but are also very affordable roofing options. Steep-sloped roofs are most commonly used on traditional construction. While the slope is the designer’s choice, most residences use some form of steep-slope. The three basic types of roof are the shed, gable and hip roofing options. The hip roof has a central ridge but it does not extend the full length of the house. It slopes to the walls on all four sides of the house. A shed roof is like a flat roof but has more slope and extends in one direction.

    Many commercial and even residential homes have roofs with slight or no pitch. Low-pitched roofs are more susceptible to leaks because water, snow and ice do not shed off the roof as easily. A common mistake that inexperienced roofers make is installing a shingle where a low slope-roofing product should be used; this can result in ice back-ups and water entering a home, especially around roof protrusions.

    Looking for a steep slope roofing company in Winnipeg, MB?

    Steep slope roofing is mostly used in residential houses because it is a viable option when roofing or re-roofing your residential as well as commercial property. Roofers Winnipeg has been providing steep slope roofing services for many years. Our commercial steep slope team has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes all across the Winnipeg from new construction to historic structures. We specialize in a variety of roofing materials from clay tiles to asphalt shingles and synthetic tiles.

    Our team has the capability and proven experience to perform a roof replacement on historic structures that ensures the historic integrity of the roof is preserved. Our roofing experts has many years of experience and gain valuable expertise in the many facets the roofing industry has to offer. We take pride in our ability to conquer the most challenging steep slope roof replacement projects and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that safety is of the highest priority on every job.

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    Experienced Residential & Commercial Roofing Company in Winnipeg

    Looking for highly experienced roofers in Winnipeg with the skill and experience to assist with residential and commercial roofing? For over 15 years, the expert roofing specialists at Roofers Winnipeg have provided exemplary services across a range of residential and commercial areas, including:


    Offering a comprehensive range of commercial and residential roofing services across Winnipeg, we have become a favoured choice for these reasons:

    • 25+ years of experience as roofing contractors means we’re highly regarded across the city

    • We’re just as skilled performing home roofing services as we are commercial roofing jobs

    • No job is too big or small

    • All work is insured and backed by warranty

    • Our roofing specialists are skilled with tiled roofs, metal roofs, spray roofs and timber roofs – there’s no roof type we can’t fix

    We pride ourselves on our skills with new roof installations as well as roof repairs. We always strive for 100% satisfaction with every residential or commercial roofing job in Winnipeg and endeavour to provide this not just through the final results, but also by offering reasonable prices and fast turnaround times.


    We’re specialized in roof restoration, roof repairs and gutter cleaning in the Winnipeg. Our roofing team are dedicated to providing a friendly local service to assist with everything from roof restoration in Winnipeg through to roof repairs. Next time you need roofing services, don’t look past our roofers in the Winnipeg.


    Whether it is a new roof, a roof repair or a re-roof, Roofers Winnipeg is the professional roofing team that you need for the job. Reasonable prices, fast turnaround times, and quality work –that’s what you want and that’s what we deliver. Think roofing, think Roofers Winnipeg.

    If you’d like to arrange a free, no-obligation quote for any residential or commercial roofing services, whether installation or maintenance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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    Can I get Free quote anywhere in Winnipeg?

    Yes we will service all across Winnipeg and near cities.

    Can I call for urgent service 24/7 including public holidays?

    Yes, call us any time and we will service your urgent issue as soon as possible.

    Should I request roof inspection before property purchase?

    Yes, roofs can be costly to fix or and restore we recommend comprehensive inspection of the roof before you make a final decision to purchase property older than 5 years.

    How often my roof should be proffessionaly clean?

    We reccomend once every 5 years.

    Do you service and fix gutters?

    Yes, we do. Beside maintenance of your roof we will service and clean your gutters as well.


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